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Volkswagen Custom Lucite

Custom Lucite marking debt issuance by Volkswagen Leasing in Mexico. The transaction was made with the help of Moody’s.

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Vehicle Leasing Deal Toy

Custom deal toy marking the sale of two vehicle leasing firms.

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Russian Deal Toy Rothschild Vr Leasing Expobank Map Technique

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Unifin Bond Offering Financial Tombstone

Financial tombstone recognizing a global bond offering by Unifin. Unifin is a Mexico City-based leasing company with lines in operating leasing, factoring, auto, and other lending.

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Asset-Backed Loan Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy commemorating Yen-denominated loans secured by a pool of auto-loan receivables. The loans were originated by Volkswagen Financial Services.

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Driving Force Custom Acrylic Award

Custom acrylic award recognizing leadership in community service. The award was given by Driving Force, a vehicle rental, sales, and leasing firm based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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Acrylic Embedment with Pewter Automobile

Acrylic wedge with embedded pewter car designed for UniFin, a Mexican leasing company.

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European Deal Toys: Cars, Bikes, Private Equity & 290 hp!

July 17, 2016 by David Parry

CR7 just bought a new car... Fresh off Portugal's Euro 2016 victory, Cristiano Ronaldo---whose...

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