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The Global Leader in Deal Toys and Custom Awards since 1981

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Some of The Landmark Deals & Events We’ve Commemorated…

…And Some of The Most Recent


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Promote Your Corporate & Personal Brands: with Custom Designs Professionally Created for You by Our Art Team…
Expertly Produced for You at Our Own Lucite Factory


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What Makes
Us Different?

We fully own a Lucite factory….which means you benefit from:
[icon icon=”circle-arrow-right” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”circle” text_color=”#a10518″ bg_color=”#d8d8d8″]Unmatched design insight and expertise
[icon icon=”circle-arrow-right” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”circle” text_color=”#a10518″ bg_color=”#d8d8d8″]Stricter production & cost control
[icon icon=”circle-arrow-right” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”circle” text_color=”#a10518″ bg_color=”#d8d8d8″]Faster turnaround (See More)


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How Much Will
My Deal Toy Cost?

Whether you’ve ordered Lucites before or are new to the process, you’ll want some guidance on expected costs. Factors include materials, size, quantity, set-ups, and timetable. (See More)


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New to Deal Toys?
Learn more about them here.

Need to know more about Deal Toys? We’ve got you covered: an FAQ and glossary, information on the ordering process and how to streamline it, how Lucites are made, and more. (See More)



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Request a Quote

Need a price for your latest deal? Fill out the form to get designs and a price quote within 24 hours.



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Not Just Deal Toys…

The Corporate Presence also produces custom Crystal and Lucite recognition awards for many other industries.

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Employee Recognition Awards

Bring a new, affordable level of customization to your recognition awards and gifts—for employees, colleagues, and clients. (See More)
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Law Firm Marketing

Many leading firms are already successfully incorporating custom Lucites into their marketing strategy. Custom crystals and Lucites can provide a unique and versatile tool for your law firm’s marketing efforts. (See More)
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Real Estate Deal Toys

Since 1981, The Corporate Presence has helped recognize success in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate, across the world. (See More)


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