Deal Toys by Industry Gallery

Like many of our clients, you may want to base the design of your deal toy—or custom award—on a specific industry (or company, or geographic region, to name just a few possibilities).
Your deal toy can spring from an almost infinite variety of custom designs and permutations. The deal toys shown here highlight just some of the many possibilities within specific sectors. They are merely meant to be illustrative—and by no means define the full spectrum of possible designs within any given industry.
You might approach these industry galleries purely to get a feel for the range of design possibilities; or, as with those pieces shown in our classic deal toy galleries, you may want to review these custom deal toys with an eye toward mixing and matching the components or effects from several different pieces.
Once again, whether your initial preference is a complex, highly involved design, or a simpler piece—or some combination of both—your account executive will be happy to prepare designs specific to your deal, budget, and deadline.

Biotech Deal Toys