Industry Verticals

The Corporate Presence has more than 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing highly creative and customized commemoratives for a range of industries. We have developed expertise in serving many of these verticals.
We have expertise in a range of materials, including Lucite, crystal, and pewter. Whatever the media, our goal is to produce commemoratives geared toward your specific needs: your budget, your timetable, and the expectation of quality among your colleagues and, most significantly, your clients.
For more details on how we can serve your deal, see our industry-specific pages below.
We have helped recognize success in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate, across the world, such as property sales, REIT’s, leasing agreements, project financings, joint ventures, and more.
The Corporate Presence helps deal makers in the commercial lending and middle market celebrate success—both their own and their clients.
Looking for fresh law firm marketing ideas? For years you and other attorneys have probably either seen or been on the receiving end of Lucite “deal toys” from investment banks and other financial institutions.