European Deal Toys: Hungry? Swiss Chocolate, Polish Cookies & More!

June 16, 2016 by David Parry
Candy Bar-Themed Financial Tombstone

“9 Ways Candy is Good for You”

Unlike most headlines this is one that isn’t likely to cause depression–which, coincidentally, is just one of the many conditions candy (in this case chocolate) has been proven to alleviate.

None of which may interest you. So if you’d like, you can just skip the nutritional science and go straight to the good part—our gallery of deal toys featuring European snacks and treats, all designed by our London office.

(And if you still haven’t had your fill, check out our additional galleries highlighting tombstones in the food and beverage industries, as well as those involving food and product replicas).


Under a licensing agreement, UK-based Burton’s will begin marketing two Cadbury products in the U.S. this month: Mini Fingers and Wispa Biscuits. The move exploits the growth in the premium cookie market, despite a decline in the U.S. cookie market overall.


Dr Gerard is one of the largest cookie and wafer makers in Central & Eastern Europe. Its 200+ products—manufactured in 3 plants in Poland—are exported to over 30 countries.


Glasgow-based Waverley produces both ice cream cones and wafers–primarily to the UK grocery market. It also provides cones, ingredients and accessories to ice cream parlors.

6LJWB57_modThe Dutch are the biggest consumers of licorice per capita in the world; and Festivaldi is the top-selling licorice brand in the Netherlands.


Cadbury chocolatiers recently honored Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday with a chocolate replica of Buckingham Palace. It stands 70cm tall and weighs in at 60kg.


Resto-in offers dishes and snacks from top-flight restaurants—delivered to your office within 30 minutes.

20160104_160811_mod (1)London has now joined the list of cities in which Resto-in is available. The others are Paris, Lyon, Brussels, Marseilles, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, and Hamburg.


Lindt took aim at Godiva with its recently announced goal of becoming the world’s largest retailer of premium chocolate by 2020.












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