Acrylic Embedment: 5 Unique Marketing & Branding Opportunities for Your Organization

September 26, 2020 by David Parry
Lucite Embedment with Wheat and Grain

A Lucite embedment can uniquely help brand or market your company or organization—provided you’re aware of the possibilities and advantages.

“But what exactly do they do?”

That’s a question we’ve heard repeatedly over the years when people first see designs featuring objects embedded in Lucite.

After all, for the most part, these pieces don’t seem to “do” much at all.

They don’t play music. They don’t tell time. They don’t have secret storage compartments. They don’t light up.

So what’s the point?

Do they do—anything?

And If they don’t really do anything, why buy Lucite at all? Why not just buy, for instance, another wall plaque or frame, or some off-the-shelf clock or crystal piece?

So What Exactly Does a Lucite Embedment “Do”?

The irony is that the people questioning the function of these Lucite pieces have usually just, in fact, demonstrated it.

And this point, we ordinarily have to remind them what just happened:

You spotted the Lucite piece across the room; you made a beeline for it; you not only picked it up and but actually spent some time scrutinizing it; you commented on the object embedded inside; you noted the name (or names) of the company or companies involved.

In other words, the Lucite stood out.

It got your attention.

And, as importantly, the Lucite embedment brought favorable attention to the companies associated with it.

But does this make Lucite unique?

5 Unique Branding & Marketing Ideas Using a Lucite Embedment

Unfortunately, most sites offering Lucite embedments don’t seem to be interested in explaining what you can (or could) do with their product.

They’re too busy describing Lucite features. They too busy are really great at the descriptive part. They’re too busy beating you over the head with phrases like “lustrous finish” and “polished to perfection”, and raving about how clear their Lucites are.

The only thing that isn’t clear from their descriptions is why any of this should matter to you. What’s the big deal about Lucite?

Why not skip the Lucite and just buy, for instance, a wall plaque, or a frame, or an off-the-shelf piece of crystal?



embed an actual product

Extravagant descripti  clarity and lustre—and very little about what you, your company, or organization might actually hope to gain from any of the

understand the limitations. Some work and some don’t. we understand because we have our own factory.

So how might your company, your organization.




Lucite Oil Barrel with Embedded Vial



you said something about how interesting or cool the effect was; you noticed the names of  the company (or companies) involved.





  1. actual product
  2. Model/photo
  3. Product branding accessory
  4. Product display
  5. commemorative






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