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Retail Technology Lucite Tombstone

Custom Lucite tombstone marking credit facilities arranged for Aptos. Based in Atlanta, Aptos is a provider cloud-based solutions for retailers.

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Featured Deal Toy: Southeast Asia’s Landmark Retail Transaction

October 4, 2013 by David Parry

Southeast Asia’s Landmark Retail Transaction The Hong Kong office of The Corporate...

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Australian Retailer Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy commemorating the acquisition of Australian discount furniture chain Fantastic Holdings. The acquiring firm was South African furniture retailer Steinhoff.

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Clothing Retailer Deal Tombstone

Lucite tombstone commemorating acquisition involving Malaysian clothing retail chain F.O.S. Apparel Group.

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Blackstone Retail Property Deal Toy

Custom deal gift marking the acquisition by Blackstone of the Franciacorta Outlet Village Rodenegg Saiano. The retail village is located in the province of Brescia in southern Italy.

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Retail Real Estate Deal Gift

Custom Lucite commemorating the purchase of Orinda Theatre Squarre in Orinda, California by Dallas-based firm Dunhill Partners. The property is a mixed use office and retail space.

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Retail Directory Deal Toy

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Aberdeen Blackstone Retail Deal Toy

Custom Lucite marking the acquisition of two shopping centers from Aberdeen by private equity firm Blackstone. Blackstone was advised in the transaction by Milan-based Kryalos.

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Retail Property Funding Tombstone

Custom crystal tombstone celebrating funding by Newmark for the Village at Regal Pond, located in Spokane, Washington.

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Side view of crystal real estate tombstone marking the funding of the Village at Regal Pond. The retail development is located in Spokane, Washington.