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Custom Lucite for Fund Launch

Custom Lucite celebrating the successful launch by UBS Asset Management of its second infrastructure debt fund.

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Custom Lucite tombstone recognizing the successful launch of UBS's Archmore Infrastructure Debt Platform II.

Champagne Cork-Themed Custom Lucite

Custom Lucite, with an embedded champagne cork, celebrating the approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the obesity treatment Plenity. Plenity was developed by Boston-based biotech firm Gelesis.

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Salmon Farming-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Custom Lucite tombstone marking private placements by Atlantic Sapphire, a land-based salmon farming company.

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Custom Lucite commemorating several private placements by Atlantic Sapphire, a  Norway-based salmon farming firm.

RiteScreen Custom Lucite

Lucite tombstone commemorating the purchase of RiteScreen, a manufacturer of fabricated screens for windows and doors headquartered in Elizabethville, Pennsylvania. The acquirer was Westport, Connecticut-based Seven Point Equity Partners.

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Custom Lucite tombstone marking the acquisition of ExactTarget by San Francisco-based ExactTarget is a seller of marketing software based in Indianapolis.

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Converteam Custom Lucite Tombstone

Custom Lucite tombstone commemorating the purchase by General Electric Corporation (Fairfield, Connecticut) of Converteam, of Massy, France. Converteam, a manufacturer of motors involved in power generation, was advised in the transaction by Messier Maris, headquartered in Paris

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Almatis Custom Lucite

Lab flask-themed custom Lucite recognizing the restructuring of Almatis, based in Frankfurt, Germany. Moelis & Company of New York City served as the company’s exclusive U.S. financial advisor.

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Horseshoe-Themed Custom Lucite

Horseshoe-themed custom Lucite marking the investment by Arclight Capital Partners of Boston in Enogex, a natural gas supplier headquartered in Oklahoma City. The co-investor group included affiliates of China Investment Corporation, and Government of Singapore Investment Corporation.

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BHP Billiton Custom Lucite

Custom lucite commemorating the acquisition by BHP Billiton, a mining and petroleum company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, of Petrohawk Energy Corp. of Houston, Texas. Barclays advised BHP in this transaction.


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