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Heart-Themed Crystal Deal Tombstone

Crystal deal tombstone celebrating the acquisition of Mlinar, a Croatia-based bakery retail chain. The purchaser, Mid Europa Partners, a private equity firm operating in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Cake-Themed Financial Tombstone

Financial tombstone commemorating the acquisition Australian cake retailer The Cheesecake Shop. The acquirer was private equity firm PAG Asia Capital.

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IB Deals On Tap: Great Beer Industry Deal Toys

February 19, 2016 by David Parry

Zombie Dust…Kozy Yak…Surly Darkness…Viking’s Lament… These are just a few of the...

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Candy-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Lucite tombstone marking a strategic investment in Danish premium liquorice brand Lakrids. Lakrids has retails stores in Denmark, Norway, and Germany, and its products are distributed in over 50 countries.

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Denver Real Estate Development Tombstone

“Open book” style Lucite tombstone commemorating development of Union Tower West in Denver. The mixed-use development will contain office and retail space, as well as the boutique Hotel Indigo.

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The Missing Moon Rock…and 7 Other Bizarre Lucite Stories

March 23, 2015 by David Parry

We tend to think of Lucite in terms of its virtues--- as that versatile, durable, malleable...

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Gas Station-Themed Deal Toy

Gas station-themed deal toy marking the sale of Aisle 1 fuel stations in California and Nevada to Anabi Oil. The seller was Raley’s, which owns and operates grocery stores in northern California and Nevada.

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Custom deal toy marking the acquisition by Anabi Oil of Aisle 1 fuel stations. Anabi Oil is a fuel and convenience-store retailer operating in Northern California and Nevada.

European Deal Toys: Mercedes, GoPro Cycling Footage & Artesian Water!

October 3, 2016 by David Parry

A cycling legend hurtles down a treacherous Welsh mountainside----dodging cars as he reaches speeds...

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Organic Food Deal Tombstone

Deal tombstone marking the sale of organic food retailer Internatural. The company operates in Sweden and Norway.

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