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Deal toys, most commonly known as financial tombstones, deal cubes, Lucites, acrylic blocks, financial commemoratives—and dozens of other combinations and permutations of those terms—have for decades proven to be an enduring means of celebrating successful business transactions.

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Whether they’re traditional Lucite tombstones, or commemoratives made of other materials such as wood, crystal, resin, or stone, deal toys have continued as a staple in the investment banking community for one simple reason: they work.
Deal toys serve as a unique and visible reward to deal participants within your bank. More importantly, they provide a distinctive and tangible reminder to clients of your work on their behalf—one which, unlike the inevitably faded t-shirt, the invariably lost pen, or even the celebratory closing dinner itself —will be kept and remain visible, and continue the association with your bank and with you. Deal toys essentially function as a form of desktop advertising: promoting client’s brand, as well as your bank’s—and your own.
(For additional information on the enduring effectiveness and appeal of deal toys, see the post “Why Deal Toys Should Remind You of Draft Beer”)

Our Commitment to Your Success

The environment in which you (and your bank) find yourself is most likely very different from that in which colleagues from earlier eras began their careers. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years, and undoubtedly appreciate and fully understand that reality far better than most newer, less experienced Lucite firms. While tombstones remain a fixture within the investment banking landscape, times have changed—and so have the rules.
More than ever, the focus understandably now is on cost-effectiveness—on getting the most bang for your buck with deal toys (as with almost everything). Reliability and creativity remain undeniably crucial factors—but they should, in this market, be taken as givens.
In this market, added value really comes in the form of cost-effectiveness—specifically, can you provide me with the widest possible range of options given my deadline and, more likely, my budget?
We have over 30 years of experience designing memorable, custom tombstones, unique to your deal, and tailored for both your budget and your deadline. That 30 years of experience, coupled with the fact that we directly own our factory—and therefore have the kind of full, unfiltered access to design and production expertise that other firms are simply not privy to—translate into a huge advantage to you. This advantage applies whether you contact us with a record-breaking, landmark transaction, or a lower-profile deal for which you plan to order only a handful of pieces.