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Christie’s International Real Estate Conference Gifts

Acrylic award conference gifts recognizing an employee’s participation in, and training at, the Top Agents Conference held by Christie’s International Real Estate.

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Tech Conference Speaker Gift

Custom Lucite award to speakers at Ladenburg Thalmann’s Virtual Tech Expo, held in November, 2021. The conference included approximately 50 technology companies, and addressed topics such as connectivity, cybersecurity, mobility, and virtual and augmented reality.

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Vanderbilt University Conference Speaker Gift

Custom speaker gift presented to participants at Financial Innovators Conference sponsored by Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. The event was sponsored by the university’s Owen Graduate School of Management.

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Customized Conference Speaker Gift

Customized conference speaker gift

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Crystal Conference Speaker Gift

Custom crystal speaker gift for a conference sponsored by PWC.

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Dental Conference Speaker Gift

Custom speaker gift commemorating participation at a dental symposium in Newport Beach California.

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Harvard Speaker Gift Recognition Product

Custom speaker gift provided at health industry conference sponsored by the Harvard Business School.

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Autism Conference Speaker Commemorative

Custom Lucite commemorating speaker participation in the 2016 Global Autism Innovation Roundtable, sponsored by UBS. 

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GE Capital WCS Custom Speaker Gifts

Custom speaker gifts for the Working Capital Solutions Growth Forum, hosted by GE Capital.

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