Lucite Deal Toys &
Other Award Materials

Many bankers refer to deal toys as “Lucites” reflecting the popularity of the material. While crystal and Lucite deal toys are the most common, there are a variety of options based on your budget, timeline, and quantity.

Don’t worry about making this decision on your own, though: our account managers and design teams will ask the right questions to guide your material selection.


Deal Toy & Award Material Inspiration

Many materials allow for the high degree of customization you see in Lucite deal toys. Browse our galleries to explore examples of the possibilities, but understand you’re not limited to these options.

Our designers will create something completely unique to your branding or project to make it stand out from the others on your shelf.

Crystal Recognition Awards

Crystal is the most popular material for custom awards, depending on the branding and needs of the company. While you won’t be able to place an object inside crystal, we can produce a 3-D etching effect that elegantly simulates an object – typically your product or building – appearing inside the crystal.

Crystal recognition awards also tend to be heavier than Lucite, which may result in higher shipping rates. We do have established relationships with manufacturers globally, so your custom award will look great and meet your timeline.

Lucite Deal Toys

There’s a reason so many brands choose Lucite for deal toys or awards. The versatility can’t be beat. Lucite can be molded into any shape and captures colors precisely. Some companies choose to embed an actual product in the Lucite, such as a sample of oil or a vial of medicine, which simply can’t be done in crystal.

What is acrylic? Acrylic is the actual material used in Lucite deal toys. Lucite is a specific brand of acrylic that is known for its durability, clarity, and weight. While all Lucite is acrylic, not all acrylic meets the qualifications of Lucite. We use Lucite that meets the highest production standards to ensure your piece stands the test of time without yellowing or discoloration.

Pewter & Metal

We see pewter used most often as a component of an award, as in building and machine replicas, as well as the material for embedments inside Lucite. You might also consider pewter for your deal toy if your project involved metals as a symbol or material.


Because resin tends to be the most expensive medium for awards, it is typically only used for very detailed and lifelike replicas (stadiums, buildings, etc.). It also has the longest production time of these materials, so we only recommend resin for specific timelines and budgets. Your account manager will be able to direct you towards the best option.


While typically used for the base of the deal toy, wood can also offer an organic look that matches your branding. Wood can be used for fun modular and stackable pieces, and for designs for builders, natural brands, and construction companies.

Stone & Marble

As a component of your award, stone can make enhancements to the piece and calls out special design elements. Some industries choose stone for sustainability reasons and as a symbol of the materials used in the project, but typically do not use stone as the primary material. We’ve seen stone used to replicate pieces of a building given to each member of the team. Choosing a marble base for your deal toy also gives it a sophistication that might be applicable to your industry.