Showcase Your Achievement
with Deal Toys

For almost 60 years, deal toys have been known by a variety of names. You may have heard them referred to as “financial tombstones”, “cubes”, “Lucites”, “deal gifts”—or any of a number of permutations or variations of these terms. Whatever name they go by, deal toys have become an enduring means of celebrating and commemorating successful transactions. These include not only traditional investment banking deals, but also a full range of business and financial milestones, including financings, strategic alliances, fund closings, product launches, and regulatory approvals.

The key to the continuing appeal of deal toys is their high perceived value for recipients. Their highly-customized designs have special meaning and resonance for deal participants and stakeholders.

Whether you’re celebrating your success or your client’s, don’t let them forget you by creating a distinctive, tangible reminder of your achievement. These deal toys serve as branding for your firm as they move with the recipient office to office throughout a career. Unique deal toys also create a visual resume as you build your personal brand, demonstrating your contribution to every transaction.

Yubico Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy commemorating the merger of Yubico with ACQ Bure AB, and the company’s listing on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. The provider of hardware-based authentication security keys is based in Sweden. (23ALJ235)

2 Images
Side view of crystal deal toy celebrating the listing of security keys provider Yubico on Stockholm's Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

Blackstone-Allianz Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy commemorating the acquisition by Allianz Real Estate of a portfolio of buildings in Madrid. The seller was Testa Residencial, a Spanish REIT owned by Blackstone. (22LSS092)

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LIV-PGA Tombstone

Golf-themed crystal tombstone celebrating an agreement to end antitrust litigation between LIV Golf and the PGA. The agreement coincided with a merger announcement between the two parties. (23AZH136)

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Satellite-Themed Resin Deal Toy

Project name-inspired resin deal toy celebrating the sale of a stake in CloudFlight. The German IT and software consulting firm offers services including those based on AI and cloud-based technologies, and is headquartered in Munich. (23LJW052)

4 Images
Top view of resin deal toy incorporating astronaut. Cloud and astronaut-themed deal tombstone. Back view of astronaut-themed deal toy.

Viking-Themed Deal Toy

Code name-themed deal toy celebrating a reinsurance agreement between Guardian and Talcott. The agreement centers on Guardian’s variable annuity portfolio. (22AKL563)

2 Images
Back view of Viking helmet-themed crystal financial tombstone. It marks a reinsurance deal involving Guardian Life Insurance Company.

Drug Vial Embedment Celebrating FDA Approval

Custom Lucite with an embedded drug vial commemorating FDA approval of ELAHERE. Developed by ImmunoGen, the drug was granted accelerated FDA approval as a treatment for ovarian cancer. (23AKL266)

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Commemorating Success with Custom Deal Toys for Over 40 Years

At The Corporate Presence, we utilize decades of experience to get you the best price for custom, high-quality deal toys. You need a wide variety of design options within the constraints of your budget and timeline, and we understand the stakes better than anyone.

Because deal toys reflect your firm’s expertise and the results you achieve, The Corporate Presence guides you through the process with the same level of professionalism: you can be as involved in the design as you want to be, and we’ll handle the rest.

Step 1

Quick Questions

Answer a few questions (we’ll remember to ask everything you might have forgotten) to kick-off the design process.

Step 2

Design Based on Your Input

We do the creative work for you, listening carefully to your answers so our designs hit the mark. Then, we continue refining until we’ve arrived at the memorable piece you’ve always imagined.

Step 3

Physical or Photo Samples

We always recommend a physical sample, but when time doesn’t allow for one, we’ll send photo samples of the first piece from the factory. Nothing goes to production without your approval.

You're Done!

Produced & Shipped to the Final Destinations

Need additional services? We offer a range of design and shipping services, including personalization, custom packing, gift boxes, and shipping to multiple locations.