Why Choose The Corporate Presence?

40 Years of Exceeding Expectations

You’ve gone through the late nights and long hours, so we know designing deal toys or awards is just another task on your list. Maybe you don’t feel “creative” enough to design something that will sit on desks for decades, or maybe your to-do list is just too long. Either way, the team at The Corporate Presence can take it from here.

The Corporate Presence, Custom Awards and Deal Toys

Superior Expertise

We become your partner for success with superior insight and expertise to guide your design process. From creative design ideas to selecting the right materials for memorable and unique deal toys, our reliable team makes it simple to celebrate your accomplishments.

International Service & Reach

We’ve been providing deal toys and custom awards to clients internationally for over 40 years; and you can count on us for reliable packing, shipping, tracking, and delivery of your orders to locations across the globe.

The Corporate Presence, Deal Toys, Financial Tombstones and Lucites

We Make You & Your Client Look Good

The Corporate Presence partners with you in creating a customized deal toy to celebrate your team’s success and build client relationships while recognizing the contribution of each team member.

Exceeding Expectations

Our 40-year track record of exceeding client expectations proves that we will do the same for your team.

The Corporate Presence, Financial Tombstones and Deal Lucites
Step 1

Quick Questions

Answer a few questions (we’ll remember to ask everything you might have forgotten) to kick-off the design process.

Step 2

Design Based on Your Input

We do the creative work for you, listening carefully to your answers so our designs hit the mark. Then, we continue refining until we’ve arrived at the memorable piece you’ve always imagined.

Step 3

Physical or Photo Samples

We always recommend a physical sample, but when time doesn’t allow for one, we’ll send photo samples of the first piece from the factory. Nothing goes to production without your approval.

You're Done!

Produced & Shipped to the Final Destinations

Need additional services? We offer a range of design and shipping services, including personalization, custom packing, gift boxes, and shipping to multiple locations.