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Multiple Location Services & Custom Packaging

Multiple Location Shipping

Do you need to ship your deal toys or awards to multiple locations? With remote and hybrid work arrangements becoming more common, and in-person events less frequent, flexible shipping isn’t just some add-on service. It’s now a necessity.

And at The Corporate Presence, providing reliable shipping to multiple locations, both domestic and international, isn’t just some recent response to new realities. Our clients have benefitted from these services for decades.

You Don’t Have to Dread the Usual Shipping Headaches

Our experience and expertise in multi-location and drop-shipping removes the logistical and administrative headaches that you might’ve experienced in the past—and may already be dreading now.

Time-consuming and annoying shipping issues can come with any order; but they can seem that much more daunting when it comes to larger orders. With every order—large or small—you can rely on The Corporate Presence to provide complete shipping services, including:

  • Verifications of home and business addresses
  • Both domestic and international reach
  • Reliable packing and labeling
  • Tracking numbers and notifications
  • Individually-boxed pieces

Custom Packaging & Gift Box Services

Do you want special packaging for your order? Or want to include, with each individual package, a note to the recipient? These are just some of the special shipping services The Corporate Presence can provide.

Be sure to let your Sales Associate know what you have in mind so that we can handle all the arrangements. Get the order process started. Reach out to us now!