How Much Will My Deal Toy Cost?


Although many clients use either Lucite or crystal for their deal toys or awards, you can choose from a variety of materials. Your account representative can walk you through the price implications of various materials with respect to your specific design options.


Regardless of the material involved, the larger a piece is, the more expensive it almost invariably will be.


Generally speaking greater complexity—more design elements—translates into higher deal toy costs. Once again, experience is key: standard or “basic” Lucite shapes can be as creatively designed as many more complex, elaborate ones.


Larger quantities can reduce the price per-piece in most instances. The first price break tends to be at a quantity of 25 units.


Set-up costs for deal toys will vary, depending on both the material involved, and the specific design. An accurate, honest calculation of costs must take set-up costs into account. Here again, we can guide you to the designs and materials most appropriate for your budget.


Do you have a closing dinner, awards event or some other deadline? Timing can dictate some design and material choices right off the bat. Depending on the exact circumstances, a rush fee may apply to some orders; also, tight scheduling will ordinarily lead to increased shipping costs.