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Half-Sphere Lucite Deal Toy

Half-sphere Lucite deal toy recognizing the transfer of bonds issued by Marfin Investment Group from Eurobank to Fortress.

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HSBC Deal Toy Half Sphere

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Half Sphere ING Barings Custom Lucite

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Sphere-Shaped Deal Toy with Etched World Map

Crystal sphere-shaped deal toy celebrating a minority investment in Globalization Partners. Headquartered in Boston, the firm provides human resources (HR) and staffing services globally.

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Crystal deal toy commemorating a minority investment in Globalization Partners, an international HR and staffing firm.

Half Oval Wurth Group Lucite Tombstone

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Hemisphere Dealtoy

Hemisphere dealtoy a commemorating a senior secured term loan B. Deutsche Bank and GE were joint lead arrangers.

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Half Circle Intercare Custom Dealtoy

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Half Oval Roth Custom Dealtoy

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Slant-Top Half-Oval Lucite

Slant-top, half-oval Lucite tombstone marking the acquisition of convenience store operator Big John. The Chilean grocery store chain was purchased by Mexico’s Fomento Económico Mexicano, S.A.B. de C.V., more commonly known as FEMSA.

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