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Arkansas-Themed Custom Lucite

Arkansas-themed custom Lucite commemorating an agreement by Entergy to purchase power generated a solar plant being built in Arkansas. The plant, a project of clean energy firm NextEra Energy, is the first large-scale solar plant in Arkansas.

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Expedia-Travelocity Deal Tombstone

Custom deal tombstone marking the acquisition by travel booking site Expedia of Travelocity. Travelocity had been owned by Sabre.

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Gas & Electricity Metering Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy commemorating the acquisition of Energy Assets Group by a consortium composed of Asterion, EDF Invest, and Swiss Life. Based in United Kingdom, EAG installs and maintains meters for gas and electricity.

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City Skyline-Themed Crystal Tombstone

City skyline-themed crystal tombstone commemorating the acquisition by Moody’s of a stake in Rockport VAL. Rockport VAL is a provider of cloud-based services to the commercial real estate industry.

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Long Island City Real Estate Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy marking the sale of a development site in Long Island City, Queens, New York.

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City Skyline-Themed Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy commemorating Precinct Properties New Zealand’s move to bring management in-house. The real estate investment trust (REIT) invests in properties in Auckland and Wellington.

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Circuit City Deal Toy

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Interstate Bakeries Corp. Custom Lucite

Custom Lucite commemorating the restructuring of Interstate Bakeries Corp., based in Kansas City.

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Real Estate Tombstones: 7 Iconic Buildings & Properties (Updated)

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