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HK-Matahari Cube Custom Lucite

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Acrylic Cube with Embedded Coin

Custom deal acrylic cube incorporating embedded coin.

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Slant Lucite Cube with Laser-Etched Back

Slant cube Lucite commemorating the sale of a nuclear power facility.

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Ice Cube-Themed Deal Toy

Ice cube-themed deal toy recognizing the securitization of sales by AES Dominicana. The company is the Dominican Republic subsidiary of U.S. power company AES.

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Acrylic Cube with Pewter Eiffel Tower Embedment

Acrylic cube featuring pewter Eiffel Tower. The custom deal commemorative was designed for the Aveng Group, an infrastructure development company.

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Acrylic Cube with Embedded Eiffel Tower Pewter

Custom deal acrylic cube featuring miniature Eiffel Tower pewter.

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Acrylic Cube with Embedded Pewter Tool

Custom acrylic cube deal gift incorporating vials with multi-colored liquids. The transaction involved a company specializing in liquid colorants.

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Acrylic Cube Showcasing Product Miniature

Acrylic cube with embedded pewter representing component produced by SFS. The custom acrylic design was created for SFS, which manufactures screws for smartphones and tablet computers, to commemorate the company’s initial public offering.

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Crystal Wingstop Restaurant Opening Commemorative

Crystal commemorative celebrating the opening of the first Wingstop restaurant in Canada. The chain, which specializes in chicken wings, is headquartered in Texas. (22AKL250)

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Back view of custom crystal marking the opening, in Toronto, of the first Wingstop restaurant in Canada. (22AKL250)