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End of Project Gift Ideas – Project Completion Awards

January 20, 2022 by David Parry

Most organizations appreciate the importance of recognizing individual achievement and...

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7 Employee Recognition Awards That Should Make You Cringe: A Halloween Chamber Of Horrors

October 28, 2014 by David Parry

What could be more frightening than handing out the same tired, interchangeable, off-the-shelf,...

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Triplepoint Sales Recognition Award

Custom sales achievement award designed for Triple Point Technology, a software company based in Westport, Connecticut.

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9 Awards You Really Don’t Want To Win

March 27, 2015 by David Parry

Just as there are clichéd, unspeakably bad awards meant to recognize superior performance, there...

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Cumulus Sales Recognition Award

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Jones Lang LaSalle Sales Recognition Awards

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AstraZeneca Sales Excellence Award

Sales Excellence Award presented by AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca is a multinational pharmaceutical firm headquartered in London.

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Employee Excellence award presented by Lend Lease in Australia. Lend Lease is a global property and infrastructure company headquartered in Sydney.

Goldman Sachs Team Recognition Award

Employee recognition award presented by Goldman Sachs

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Citi Group Sales Recognition Award

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