Lucite vs. Crystal: Which Should You Choose?

You can select among a variety of materials for your deal toy or custom award. These include Lucite, wood, resin, pewter, and crystal.

In fact, you may even choose a customized design which actually combines some of these materials.

But for most projects, though, many of our clients are at least initially interested in one of two media: either Lucite or crystal.

What’s the difference between the Lucite and crystal, and how do you know which one might be right for your project?

Lucite and Crystal: Some Features & Advantages

So how do you choose between Lucite and crystal?

Rest assured you won’t have to make that decision alone.

We can provide designs—and suggest materials– that are best suited to your particular deal toy or award project.

Even so, you may want to become familiar with some characteristics of each material in order to make a more informed decision:

Selecting Lucite for Your Deal Toy or Custom Award

Selecting Crystal for Your Deal Toy or Custom Award

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