Glass Container Lucite Tombstone

Glass Container-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Custom Lucite tombstone celebrating the acquisition of Cartonplast by German private equity firm Deutsche Beteiligungs AG. Cartonplast provides pads used in the transportation of glass containers and cans.


Bottle-Themed Financial Tombstone (Back View)

Custom financial tombstone marking the acquisition of Cartonplast. Headquartered in Dietzenbach, Germany, the firm operates a system of recyclable plastic layers which are used in the shipment of glass bottles and cans. (9LJW253)

Shipment-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Lucite tombstone commemorating the sale of Cartonplast, a German provider of recyclable plastic layers used in the transport of glass bottles, cans, and other glass. (9LJW253)