Shape: Wedge

Hockey-Themed Sports Analytics Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy marking a capital raise by Catapult, an Australian provider of wearable sports performance technology.

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Car Wash-Themed Deal Toy

Side view of car wash-themed deal toy. (22AKL101)

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Back view of car wash-themed deal toy.

Data Acquisition Joint Venture Commemorative

Lucite commemorative celebrating the establishment of Blueberry, a joint venture company uniting data acquisition firms HBK and DEWESoft.

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Lucite tombstone marking the launch of Blueberry, a joint venture between data acquisition firms DEWESoft and HBK .

Debt Refinancing Lucite Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy commemorating the filing of Hollywood Circle, a mixed-use development in Hollywood, Florida.

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Wedge-shaped Lucite deal toy marking the refinancing of Florida-based mixed-use development Hollywood Circle.

Financial Tombstone with Pewter Logo

Financial tombstone, featuring a cut pewter logo, commemorating the sale of Home Helpers Home Care. The Cincinnati-based company provides in-home care to seniors and others.

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Side view of custom deal toy with metal logo celebrating the acquisition by private equity firm RiverGlade Capital of Home Helpers Home Care.

Golf-Inspired Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy, incorporating a golf ball and tee, commemorating notes secured by a pool of automobile contracts.

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Building Blocks-Themed Deal Toy

Custom Lucite and wood deal toy marking the launch of Brokers Alliance, an independent insurance broker in Spain. The launch results from the investment by Miura Partners in Spanish agricultural broker Banasegur.

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Custom financial tombstone celebrating the investment by Spanish private equity firm Miura Partners in Banasegur. The investment created Brokers Alliance, a new independent insurance broker operating in Spain's SME sector.

Sports Academy Crystal Tombstone

Crystal tombstone commemorating the investment by Man Capital in Right to Dream, which operates football (soccer) academies.

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Custom crystal marking an investment in Right to Dream football (soccer) academies. The investment will center on increasing youth opportunities in Egypt, Ghana, and Denmark.