Category: Biotech

Ogsiveo FDA Approval Commemorative

Crystal commemorative celebrating FDA approval of Ogsiveo, a treatment for desmoid tumors. (24aZH051)

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Bayer-Pairwise Joint Venture Tombstone

Code name-themed crystal financial tombstone commemorating a  partnership between Bayer and Pairwise. The joint venture will center on gene-editing capabilities for five crops: corn, soybean, wheat, cotton, and canola. (23AJH084)

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Eyeball-Themed Crystal Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy marking a debt facility provided for Ocular Therapeutix. The biopharpharmaceutical commpany specializes in the treatment of diseases of the eye, using bioresorbable hydrogel-based technology. (23AJH088)

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Logo-Themed MedTech Offering Tombstone

Crystal financial tombstone commemorating a follow-on offering of stock by Intelligent Bio Solutions. The New York-based life sciences company develops non-invasive monitoring and diagnostic tests. (23AKL447)

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Eye-Themed Financial Tombstone

Crystal financial tombstone commemorating a public offering of common stock by Kiora Pharmaceuticals. The California-based biotech company concentrates on developing and commercializing treatments for rare retinal diseases. (23AJH059)

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Pill-Themed Antitrust/Patent Verdict Tombstone

Crystal tombstone celebrating a favorable verdict in an antitrust action against Gilead Sciences. The claim had centered on an earlier patent settlement involving Gilead and Teva. (23AKL380)

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Back view of pill-shaped crystal commemorating Gilead's victory in antitrust litigration.

Vial-Themed Drug Royalty Tombstone

Lucite deal tombstone commemorating two related royatly transactions. Both deals involve the diabetes drug TZIELD. (23AKL274)

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Lucite financial tombstone, incorporating drug vials on recesses on a plexi base, commemorating two drug royalty transactions involoving DRI Healthcare.

First Patient Dosed Clinical Trial Commemorative

Lucite commemorative marking the first patient dosed in a clinical study involving LunAIRo. Developed by Apnimed, the  drug is intended for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. (23AZH173)

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Side view of Lucite commemorative recognizing a clinical study of a sleep apnea therapy.