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License Plate-Inspired Financial Tombstone

Lucite financial tombstone commemorating notes issued by GLS Auto Receivables Issuer Trust 2024. GLS (Global Lending Services) is based in Greenville, South Carolina. (24AKL118)

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Side view of license plate-themed deal toy.

Sim Racing-Themed Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy marking a rights issue and listing on the Copenhagen Nasdaq exchange by Asetek. The Danish computer company produces a simulated racing steering wheel. (23LJW065)

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Tire Company Acquisition Deal Toy

Custom deal toy commemorating the acquisition of Buffalo, New York-based Dunn Tire by Discount Tire. (23AJH097)

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Pike’s Peak-Themed Deal Toy

Mountain-themed wood and crystal deal toy celebrating the issue of asset-backed bonds secured by auto loan receivables. The bonds were issued by Colorado Springs-based Ent Credit Union. (23ALJ269)

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Auto Parts-Inspired Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy celebrating a private placement by PARTS iD, an Ecommerce company. PARTS iD sells automotive parts and accessories through its proprietary sites. (R023AKL311)

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Side view of Lucite deal tombstone marking a private placement by online auto parts provider PARTS iD.

Daimler Truck Mercedes-Benz Deal Toy

Custom crystal deal toy, with an aluminum base, recognizing the spin-off by Daimler of its truck division. The spinoff will result in a new company, Daimler Truck, and also in the rebranding of Daimler Mobility company as Mercedes-Benz Mobility.(21LJW243)

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy celebrating a joint venture centered on a charging network for battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The partners for the EV network are Daimler Truck, BlackRock, and NextEra Energy. (22AZH233)

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Tire-Themed Crystal Deal Tombstone (Side View)

Side view of crystal deal tombstone celebrating the acquisition of Pressure Systems International. The San Antonio-based company produces trailer automatic tire inflation systems. (22AKL402)

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Crystal deal toy commemorating the acquisition of Texas-based Pressure Systems International. Nearly 2 million of the company's automatic tire inflation systems have been installed on commercial trailers. Top view of crystal tire-themed deal toy marking the acquisition of Pressure Systems International by Michigan-based Clarience Technologies.

Car Wash-Themed Deal Toy

Side view of car wash-themed deal toy. (22AKL101)

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Back view of car wash-themed deal toy.