Category: Custom Annual Awards

Martin Scorcese DOC NYC Crystal Award

Lifetime achievement award given to director Martin Scorsese as part of DOC NYC. The documentary film competition and festival is held annually in New York City. (21AKL550)

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Product-Themed Core Values Award

Custom Lucite award, honoring employee commitment to core values, designed for Ruggable, a Los Angeles-based e-commerce provider of residential and commercial rugs.

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Rug-Themed employee recognition award honoring employee commitment to core values at Ruggable.

Product-Themed Corporate Award

Product-themed crystal award designed for Verallia. The French company produces glass packaging for food and beverages. 

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Side view of crystal award designed for glass manufacturer Verallia. Back view of annual award designed for French glass manufacturer Verallia.

Venture Capital Custom Annual Awards

Custom crystal awards created for the Chicago-based venture capital firm L Street Collaborative.

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Annual Software Development Award

Annual crystal award recognizing contributions to software developer Ansys.

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Logo-Themed Employee Excellence Award

Logo-themed crystal employee excellence award presented by Whereoware, a Virginia-based digital marketing firm.

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Sunshine-Themed Crystal Award

Crystal sunshine-themed custom award.

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ESPN Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award

Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award presented to Nelson Cruz of the Minnesota Twins at the 2020 ESPY’s.

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General Motors Recognition Award

Custom supplier award presented General Motors.

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