Category: Employee Excellence Awards

Annual Software Development Award

Annual crystal award recognizing contributions to software developer Ansys.

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Logo-Themed Employee Excellence Award

Logo-themed crystal employee excellence award presented by Whereoware, a Virginia-based digital marketing firm.

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Company Values Recognition Award

Logo-themed custom Lucite award recognizing employee commitment to company values.

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Semiconductor Industry Custom Award

Wafer-themed custom award recognizing supplier excellence in the semiconductor industry.

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Back View of Semiconductor Wafer-Themed Custom Award

N.F.L. Rising Star Award

National Football League Rising Star Award.

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Visa Credit Card Theme Recognition Award

Custom credit card-themed crystal award given by Visa’s board of directors.

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Solar-Themed Employee Recognition Award

Solar panel-themed employee recognition award.

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DNA Strand-Themed Crystal Award

Custom crystal award featuring a 3-D etch of a DNA strand.

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Recognition Piece for Employee Promotions

Recognition piece commemorating a group of promoted employees

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