Category: Joint Ventures and Partnerships

Battery Cell Joint Venture Tombstone (Top View)

Top view of Lucite tombstone celebrating a joint venture involving battery technology for zero-emission trucks. The joint venture partners include EVE Energy, Daimler Truck, Accelera by Cummins, and PACCAR. (24AZH121)

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Lucite deal toy commemorating the formation of Amplify Cell Technologies. In 2024, the joint venture broke ground on a new battery cell manufacturing facility in Mississippi.

License Plate-Themed Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy celebrating a strategic partnership between Canadian asset manager Sagard and HalseyPoint. HalseyPoint is a California-based issuer and manager of collateralized loan obligations (CLO’s). (24ALJ118)

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Side view of financial tombstone marking a strategic alliance between CLO manager HalseyPoint and alternative asset manager Sagard.

Bayer-Pairwise Joint Venture Tombstone

Code name-themed crystal financial tombstone commemorating a  partnership between Bayer and Pairwise. The joint venture will center on gene-editing capabilities for five crops: corn, soybean, wheat, cotton, and canola. (23AJH084)

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Texas Rangers Sponsor Crystal Commemorative

Custom crystal commemorating Proscripts Pharmacy serving as the official sports medicine provider to the 2023 World Series champion Texas Rangers. (23AKL424)

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Crystal Client Appreciation/Partnership Gift

Crystal client appreciation gift presented by Commerce Bank. (23AKL464)

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%0-year client appreciation/partnership custom crystal.

Solar Park Financial Tombstone

Crystal financial tombstone, incorporating a map and a solar panel, celebrating a partnership to develop 20 solar parks in Brazil. The sites will be located in Minas Gerais, in southeastern Brazil. (23LJW074)

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Side view of crystal deal tombstone commemorating a joint venture in Brazil. The partners were private equity adviser Appian Capital Advisory and Brazilian renewalble energy provider Dectronic. Back view of crystal financial tombstone marking a solar energy joint venture in Brazil.

Mining Deal Toy with Lucite Embedment

Custom Lucite deal toy, incorporating a zinc embedment and Northern Lights motif, celebrating a joint venture between Osisko Metals and Appian Natural Resources Fund III.  The collaboration centers on the Pine Point project in Canada’s Northern Territories. (23LJW071)

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Wedge-shaped Lucite deal tombstone with a Northern Lights motif and a zinc embedment.

Tumor Treatment Licensing Agreement Commemorative

Crystal commemorative marking a licensing and commercialization agreement between Corbus Pharmaceuticals and CSPC Pharmaceutical Group. The agreement centers on a potential treatment for tumors associated with lung, breast, and prostate cancers. (23AZH089)

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Shell-Nexus Circular Recycling Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy, incorporating an oil vial, celebrating a recycling agreement between Shell and Atlanta-based Nexus Circular. The agreement centers on the recycling of landfill-bound plastics into oil and wax for the production of new plastics. (22AZH295)

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Lucite deal toy, incorporating an oil vial and a plexi base in the shape of Georgia, commemorating a recycling agreement between Shell and Atlanta-based Nexus Circular. Side view of Lucite deal toy, with a laser-cut plexi base in the shape of Georgia, and an embedded oil vial.