Category: Logistics and Supply Chain

Warehouse-Themed Crystal Deal Toy

Custom crystal deal toy marking the acquisition of two logistics facilities in Incheon, South Korea. (23AKL205)

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Top view of crystal deal toy commemorating the acquisition of two Korean logistics centers.

Fleet Compliance Software Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy recognizing the sale of Viastar. The Dallas-based company provides cloud-based compliance, risk mitigation, and safety software for commercial trucking fleets. (23AZH024)

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Freight Forwarder Deal Toy

Logo-themed custom crystal deal toy marking the acquisition of ICAT Logistics. The Elkridge, Maryland-based company provides freight forwarding services for both imports and exports. (22ALJ094)

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Packaging Firm Deal Toy

South Carolina-themed Lucite deal toy commemorating the acquisition of Sunbelt Packaging. The York, South Carolina-based firm provides packaging materials and equipment. (22AJH107)

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Lucite deal toy marking the acquisition of South Carolina-based Sunbelt Packaging.

Software Investment Deal Tombstone

Lucite deal tombstone marking an investment by private equity firm LLR Partners in PCS Software. Based in Houston, PCS provides a AI-enabled supply chain platform for fleet management and other services for carriers and shippers. (22ALJ382)

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Lucite deal toy commemorating an investment in Texas-based PCS Software. The firm specializes in logistics software.

Package and Parcel-Themed Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy marking the acquisition of Siemens Logistics’ global mail and parcel business. The company provides mail and parcel distribution technologies and software. (22LJW065)

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Shipping Container-Themed Corporate Milestone Commemorative

Custom crystal commemorative celebrating the attainment of 100,000 containers in J.B. Hunt’s intermodal fleet. The international freight company is headquartered in Lowell, Arkansas.

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Side view of crystal commemorative celebrating J.B. Hunt's reaching 100,000 shipping containers in its intermodal fleet. Back view of custom crystal celebrating a corporate milestone achieved by international shipper J.B. Hunt. In November, 2021 the Arkansas-based company reached 100,000 containers in its intermodal fleet.