Category: Team Awards

iPhone-Themed Custom Award

iPhone-themed custom award celebrating the attainment of 25,000 end users for the newly launched MTA Insight app.

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Custom Lucite celebrating the attainment of 25,000 end users for an app launched by New York City's MTA.

U.S. Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association Award

Mountain-Themed crystal team award given by the United States Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association (USGA).

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Solar-Themed Crystal Team Award

Solar-themed team award recognizing the partnership between PE Solar and Mosaic.

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Professional Fighters League Championship Crystal

Custom crystal celebrating the 2018 Professional Fighters League (PFL) Championship Event. Held at Madison Square Garden, the event also marked the culmination of the PFL’s inaugural season.

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Lucite Commemorative for NASA Event

Custom Commemorative recognizing support for and participation in NASA’s 3D-printed Habitat Challenge. The competition centered on the design and build a 3D-printed habitat for deep space exploration.

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Custom Lucite recognizing participation in NASA's 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge, a competition to develop and construct a 3D-printed habitat for deep space exploration.

Under Armour Custom Lucite

Custom Lucite commemorating the grand opening of a Baltimore distribution center by Under Armour, the sportswear and casual apparel manufacturer.

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Custom Lucite commemorative celebrating the grand opening by Under Armour of a distribution center located in Baltimore.

Solar-Themed Lucite Deal Toy (Side View)

Lucite deal toy commemorating the dedication of an Arizona solar facility to be operated by Florida-based NextEra.

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Solar Panel-Themed Custom Lucite

Solar panel-themed custom Lucite celebrating the opening of the Pinal Center Solar Energy Center in Arizona.

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Utility Team Award for Disaster Recovery

Custom utility team award, featuring an embedded conductor strand, recognizing the relief efforts of PowerSouth employees after Hurricane Michael.

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Custom acrylic award, including an actual conductor strand, recognizing the power restoration efforts of PowerSouth employees in restoring power in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.