Category: Years-of-Service Awards

Logo-Themed Work Anniversary Award

One of a series of Lucite work anniversary awards, featuring an laser-etched logo, designed for Portland, Oregon-based Endeavour Capital. (23ALJ306)

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Logo-Inspired Lucite Years-of-Service Award (Side View)

Side view of custom Lucite years-of-service award designed for software company MobileIron.

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Logo-Themed Lucite Years-of-Service Award

Logo-themed custom Lucite recognizing years of service at California-based software company MobileIron.

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Logo-Inspired Years-of-Service Award

Logo-inspired award created to recognize years of service milestones for employees of home services platform eLocal.

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Learning Resources Years-of-Service Award

Logo-themed custom crystal designed for Illinois-based Learning Resources to recognizes employee years-of-service milestones.

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Ansys Custom Years-of-Service Award

Custom crystal recognizing 30 years of service at Ansys, a Pennsylvania-based simulation and software company.

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Custom Crystal 10 Years-of-Service Award

Custom crystal award recognizing ten years of service.

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Pipeline-Themed Years-of-Service Award

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Roller Coaster-Themed Custom Crystal

Roller coaster-themed custom crystal years-of-service award presented by Fixt. Baltimore-based Fixt provides on-demand set-up, repair, and replacement of devices.

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