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Green Bond Deal Toy (Back View)

Back view of deal toy marking green bonds issued by the Swiss canton on Geneva.

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Top view of deal toy recognizing green bonds issued by the Swiss canton of Geneva. Lucite tombstone commemorating green bonds issued by the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.

“Green”-Themed Deal Toy

Code name-themed deal toy, playing off the mojito cocktail, commemorating the acquisition of electricity supplier Modstrøm Danmark. Based in Copenhagen, Modstrøm has made a commitment to Denmark’s environmentally-friendly green transition.

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Back view of  "green"-themed deal toy design, playing off a deal code name, and based on a mojito cocktail.

Iron Gate/Greenlight Energy Services Financial Tombstone

Lucite tombstone commemorating the acquisition of Green Light by IronGate Energy Services. Based in Williston, North Dakota, Green Light is an oil field services and equipment rental company.

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Green-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Green-themed Lucite tombstone commemorating notes issued by Finnish paper maker Stora Enso. The company has increasingly focused on the use of alternative and sustainable materials.

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Green Bond Lucite Tombstone

Custom tombstone recognizing a “green” bond issued by Australian insurance carrier QBE.

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Lucite Tombstone for Green Bond Issue

Custom Lucite tombstone celebrating an inaugural green bond issue by the East Bay Municipal Utility District (California). Proceeds of the issue will finance improvements aimed at safeguarding the district’s water supply, and conservation and other environmental initiatives.

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Great Sports-Themed Deal Toys: From Fenway to UFC to Curling

November 2, 2016 by David Parry

So what’s with the title of this post? Why would we possibly use a feeble-sounding, mealy-mouthed...

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Green Box Shadow Technique Lucite Tombstone

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