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Groupe Casino Lucite Dealtoy

Lucite dealtoy for transaction involving Groupe Casino, a retailer headquartered in Saint-Etienne, France, and advised by Messier Maris, based in Paris.

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Casino Chip Custom Tombstone

Casino chip-themed custom tombstone celebrating bonds issued by SKYCITY Entertainment Group. The firm operates casinos in Australia and New Zealand.

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Casino Themed Custom Dealtoy

Casino-themed custom dealtoy marking deal involving Las Vegas-based MGM Mirage.

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Casino Chip-Themed Deal Tombstone

Casino chip-themed deal tombstone marking Euro notes issued by Cirsa. The Spanish gaming and leisure company operates in Spain, Italy, and Latin America.

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Casino Game Deal Tombstone

Deal tombstone marking the acquisition by slot manufacturer Ainsworth Game Technology. The Australian company purchased South Carolina-based Nova Technologies, a slot manufacturer providing games to Indian casinos in 11 states.

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Group Moiteur/Infopro Lucite Deal Toy

Custom deal toy commemorating the purchase of Groupe Moniteur by the French business media group Infopro Digital. Infopro Digital focuses on 5 sectors: automotive manufacturing, insurance, finance, retailing, and tourism.

Job: 4LSMO33

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JET Group/Egeria Lucite Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy commemorating the sale of the JET Group, a German provider of rooflights and ventilation systems. The acquirer was the Dutch private equity group Egeria.

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