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Nielsen Lucite Commemorative

Lucite commemorative commemorating a series of deals engaged in by New York-based media measurement and market research firm Nielsen. Nielsen was advised in these transactions by the law firm Robinson & Cole.

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Home Depot/Razor-Back Custom Lucite Commemorative

Custom Lucite commemorative for Home Depot and Razor-Back. Home Depot is headquartered in Atlanta. Razor-Back is a provider of landscaping and production tools.

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Supreme Court Decision Lucite Commemorative

Lucite commemorative celebrating the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the landmark case of United States vs. Windsor.

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Lucite Commemorative for NASA Event

Custom Commemorative recognizing support for and participation in NASA’s 3D-printed Habitat Challenge. The competition centered on the design and build a 3D-printed habitat for deep space exploration.

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Custom Lucite recognizing participation in NASA's 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge, a competition to develop and construct a 3D-printed habitat for deep space exploration.

Antitrust Lucite Commemorative

Custom Lucite commemorating milestones in a antitrust action.

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DFDS/BNP Paribas Lucite Commemorative

Lucite commemorative marking partnership between DFDS, a shipping and logistics company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and BNP Paribas, headquartered in Paris.

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Solar Cell Lucite Embedment

Custom Lucite, featuring an embedded solar cell, commemorating the acquisition of 51 photovoltaic solar farms in Poland.

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Back view of Lucite deal toy incorporating a solar cell. The deal toy commemorates the sale by Hanwha Q Cells of 51 photovoltaic farms in Poland.

Lucite Embedment featuring Test Tube

Lucite embedment featuring test tube marking the acquisition of Lodi, Italy-based Euticals. Euticals is focused on custom synthesis and the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients. (6LACC42).  Follow this link to see other examples of Lucite embedments.

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Deal Toy with Spinning Logo

Lucite deal toy with spinning logo commemorating the acquisition of consumer re-marketer Deal Partners.

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Corporate tombstone marking the acquisition by Buffalo private equity firm Lorraine Capital of Deal Partners. Based in Avon, Connecticut, Deal Partners remarkets returned and refurbished consumer products.