Special Event Commemoratives That Will Stand the Test of Time

April 21, 2022 by David Parry
Special Event Commemoratives, Philadelphia Eagles Acrylic Embedment

Any time you order an award to commemorate a special event for your company or organization, you obviously want that award to stand the test of time. After all, that’s the entire point of commemorating the occasion: to ensure that years, and even decades later, that award still resonates with you and more importantly, those you’re seeking to honor.

What Makes Special Event Commemoratives Stand the Test of Time?

Uniqueness. Personalization. What some would call “cachet”, or just the “wow” effect.

The problem with most special event commemoratives, though, is that they completely lose sight of the “special” part.

They don’t reflect anything unique about the event, project, person, company, or organization that they’re supposedly honoring.

Too often that “special” event is commemorated with something that’s anything but special: some generic, lookalike piece pulled from a factory shelf.

And that same piece that will be pulled off that same shelf dozens of other times on any given day to commemorate other supposedly “special” events.

But your award doesn’t have to look or feel generic.

We’ve provided here some tips for making your special events commemorative more memorable than the usual, standard-issue, default “memento”.

Showcase a Piece of the Event Itself

One way to make a special event commemorative truly unique is to play off some aspect that actually makes it “special”.

A great example of this is a commemorative marking an anniversary of the long-term partnership between Coca-Cola and a university.

Again, there were plenty of default options available; plenty of interchangeable, prefabricated awards with impressive names that could have been selected.

Instead, the chosen design is a quintessentially unique one, incorporating an actual Coca-Cola bottle in the design. 


Coca-Cola Partnership Commemorative

You may not have something as distinctive and iconic as a Coca-Cola bottle to work with.

But there are any number of ways some unique element of the special event could be incorporated into a commemorative.

New construction, for example, could be commemorated with remnants of the demolished facility or building placed in Lucite.

Or it could be something else equally unique.

The Philadelphia Eagles, for instance, unveiled a statue honoring the team’s victory in the 2018 Super Bowl, and specifically, “Philly Philly”, the improbable trick play that was instrumental in the win.

The Eagles were looking to mark the occasion with a truly unique commemorative for employees and staff.

The result is a Lucite cube that incorporates fragments of the actual mold used by the sculptor. The Eagles were able to provide a commemorative that was doubly distinctive: celebrating not only the statue’s dedication but the success it honors.


Philadelphia Eagles Statue Commemorative

Consider a Truly Custom Shape That will Resonate

Shapes offer another way of making a special event commemorative distinctive and memorable.

Chances are that your design will be sharing shelf space with other awards and commemoratives.

Making use of an eye-catching shape, one that will have special significance and resonance for the recipient and others, is a way to ensure that your piece—and your name and brand—get the most visibility and prominence.

The award below, modeled after KFC’s almost universally recognizable trademark bucket, is a great example.

Commemoratives can play off shapes in a variety of ways.

Designs based on shapes could find inspiration in on a product, a geographic area, a logo, or any number of other possibilities.

Our design team has the experience and expertise to guide you through a full range of creative possibilities.

Ditch the Cliches

So many special-event gifts are so common and well-worn, they’ve become cliches. New construction provides a good example. Those involved in groundbreakings tend to receive the same default, cliche commemoratives project after project (overwhelmingly involving either hardhats or shovels).

And then months later, those same individuals will be on the receiving end of getting yet another round of cookie-cutter awards for the ribbon cutting (this time, scissor-themed). We have designed elaborate and detailed mementos for both groundbreakings and ribbon-cutting ceremonies. But a very simple design can often be just as distinctive. The design below, which incorporates a photo of the property, is a good example.

Hotel Development Deal Tombstone


Our team has more than 40 years of experience crafting timeless, unforgettable commemorative designs—just tell us about the achievement you’re recognizing and we’ll do the rest. 

Since 1981, We’ve Crafted Unforgettable Special Event Commemoratives

As the global leader in commemoratives since 1981, The Corporate Presence specializes in crafting unforgettable, personalized commemoratives for any special event. No matter what kind of achievement you’re hoping to commemorate, our team is here to do it creatively, affordably, and most of all, memorably. 

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