Technique: Laser Etching

Korea-Themed Crystal Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy, featuring a map of Korea, commemorating the acquisition of Toshiba’s flash memory unit. The acquisition group was led by Bain Capital, and also included SK Hynix.

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Book-Themed Deal Toy

Book-themed crystal deal toy commemorating the acquisition of online study platform StudyBlue, designed for high school and college students.

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Crystal Middle-Market Fund Closing Tombstone

Custom crystal tombstone celebrating the closing of a fund by Sydney-based private equity firm Crescent Capital Partners. Crescent Capital specializes in investments in middle-market companies in Australia and New Zealand.

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Map-Themed Deal Toy

Custom deal toy, incorporating a map of Costa Rica, commemorating the initial public offering (IPO) by Establishment Labs. Med-tech firm is the first Costa Rican company to go public on the American Stock Exchange.

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Slant Lucite Cube with Laser-Etched Back

Slant cube Lucite commemorating the sale of a nuclear power facility.

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Fingerprint Recognition Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy commemorating transaction involving Precise Biometrics, a Swedish firm involved in the development of software and hardware for fingerprint recognition and smart cards.

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Portman Holdings Building Replica Pccp

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Mvc Pe Fund Deal Gift

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Chinasoft Two Panel Catapult Stifel Deal Toy

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