Category: Construction and Industrial

Ring Box-Themed Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy celebrating the acquisition of a majority stake in Benzinger. The German company manufactures turning and milling machines for precision parts, and is used in such industries as jewelry, watchmaking, optics, and for dental and medical applications. (24LJW003)

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Top view of lucite financial tombstone marking the acquisition by Syngroh Capital of lathing and milling equipment manufacturer Benzinger. Side view of ring box-themed deal toy.

Hardhat-Inspired Lucite Tombstone

Custom Lucite tombstone, incoporating a construction hardhat, celebrating the launch of Verdian Power. The independent power producer will focus on the design, construciton, and operation of renewable energy plants in Europe. (24LNL038)

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Custom Lucite deal toy commemorating the launch of European power provider Verdian. The company will focus on solar photovoltaic and wind power plants in Europe.

Electrical Contractor Acquisition Tombstone

Lucite tombstone, incorporating a frosted acetate, marking the acquisition of electrical and instrumentation contractor NorCan. (24AKL050)

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Shovel-Themed Groundbreaking Commemorative

Custom commemorative celebrating the groundbreaking for a climate-neutral cement plant. (24LJW025)

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Detached view of commemorative marking the groundbreaking for Holcim's climate-neutral plant in Germany.

Riverbend Construction Financing Tombstone

Crystal financial tombstone celebrating construction financing provided for Riverbend 3. The 426-unit apartment building will be located in West New York, New Jersey. (24AKL023)

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Engineering Design Financial Tombstone

Crystal deal tombstone commemorating senior credit facilities provided to IMEG, a design consulting firm. (24AKL049)

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Custom Lucite Embedment Celebrating 100th Anniversary

Custom Lucite, incorporating embedded gravel and rock, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Hedrick Industries. The Salisbury, North Carolina-based company produces crushed stone for use in construction, road building, and residential projects. (24AZH009)

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Side view of custom Lucite embedment commemorating the 100th anniversary of gravel and crushed stone producer Hedrick Industries.

Lucite Cube with Embedded Limestone

Lucite cube celebrating the acquisition of a group of European lime businesses. (23LJW135)

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Side view of Lucite cube with embedded limestone Custom acrylic embedment with limestone.

Hardhat-Themed Construction Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy, incorporating a harhat and a service van, commemorating the acquisition of TBD Technische Bau Dienstleistungen. Headquartered in Friedeburg, Northern Germany, TBD provides technical and construction services for critical infrastracture. (23LJW109)

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Side view of Lucite deal toy with hardhat and service van. Top view of hardhat and service van deal toy.