Category: Cross-Border and International

Secondary Fund Transaction Deal Toy

Mill-themed crystal deal toy marking the sale of an investment in Equitix Fund III. The fund invests in both UK and Italy in the areas of social infrastructure, transportation, environmental services, and renewables. (22LJW114)

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Blackstone-Allianz Real Estate Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy commemorating the acquisition by Allianz Real Estate of a portfolio of buildings in Madrid. The seller was Testa Residencial, a Spanish REIT owned by Blackstone. (22LSS092)

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UL-KBW Crystal Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy marking the acquisition by UL of South Korean firm KBW. Based in Uiwang, KBW specializes in the testing of medical devices and consumer technology products. (21AKL206)

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Top view of crystal deal toy commemorating UL's acquisition of KBW.

Daimler Truck Mercedes-Benz Deal Toy

Custom crystal deal toy, with an aluminum base, recognizing the spin-off by Daimler of its truck division. The spinoff will result in a new company, Daimler Truck, and also in the rebranding of Daimler Mobility company as Mercedes-Benz Mobility.(21LJW243)

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Flag-Themed Pyramid Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy. playing off the design of the Costa Rican flag, commemorating the acquisition of Tico Electronics. The Alajuela, Costa Rica-based company manufactures wire windings, cable harnesses, and other electro-mechanical products, and was acquired by New York firm G.W. Lisk. (22AZH276)

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Leaf-Themed Green Bond Deal Toy

Custom crystal deal toy celebrating the first green bond issued by Austria. (22LJW108)

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Water Management Services Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy marking the sale of Mexican water management services firm SOCAMEX. The company’s operations include water capturing, purification, and reuse. (22LJW122)

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Mexico Map-Themed Financial Tombstone

Crystal financial tombstone commemorating the sale of precious and base metals projects in Mexico. The acquirer, Azure Minerals, is based in Australia. (22AZH201)

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Back view of crystal financial tombstone marking the sale of Mexican mining assets of Bendito Resources. The minerals acquisition and development company is based in Reno, Nevada.