Category: Product Embedments and Displays

Utility Team Award for Disaster Recovery

Custom utility team award, featuring an embedded conductor strand, recognizing the relief efforts of PowerSouth employees after Hurricane Michael.

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Custom acrylic award, including an actual conductor strand, recognizing the power restoration efforts of PowerSouth employees in restoring power in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.

Logo-Themed Tombstone with Water Vial

Logo-themed Lucite tombstone, incorporating a vial of water, marking an acquisition by Kurita Water Systems.

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Lucite Tombstone with Embedded Water Vial

Lucite tombstone with embedded water vial commemorating the acquisition of the water treatment chemicals business of Fremont Industries.

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Top view of acrylic deal toy marking the acquisition by Tokyo-based Kurita Water. Kurita acquired the water treatment chemicals business of Minnesota-based Fremont Industries.

Deal Toy with Custom Embedment

Lucite deal toy with embedment commemorating the acquisition of Decatur, Alabama-based Micor Industries, a machining and manufacturing company.

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Custom deal toy marking the acquisition of Micor Industries, a machining and manufacturing firm located in Decatur, Alabama.

Silo-Themed Custom Deal Toy (Top View)

Silo-themed deal toy, incorporating sand, commemorating a senior debt facility provided to Performance Propants.

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Custom deal toy, incorporating client-provided sand, and marking a senior debt facility provided to Performance Propants. The firm is a sand mining company headquartered in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Lucite with Embedded Wheat and Grain

Lucite with embedded wheat and grain relating to an agricultural asset management fund. The Ceres Farms fund specializes in U.S. farmlands.

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Lucite Embedment Incorporating Wire Mesh

Lucite embedment featuring wire mesh and commemorating the sale of The Expanded Metal Co. The firm is a provider of expanded and perforated metal headquartered in Hartlepool, England (6AKLC74) .

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Lucite Embedment featuring Test Tube

Lucite embedment featuring test tube marking the acquisition of Lodi, Italy-based Euticals. Euticals is focused on custom synthesis and the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients. (6LACC42).  Follow this link to see other examples of Lucite embedments.

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Lucite Embedment with Pewter Construction Vehicle

Lucite embedment featuring a pewter heavy equipment vehicle marking the acquisition by Breedon Aggregates of Hope Construction Materials.

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