European Deal Toys: Norwegian Tennis, Italian Fitness, MIT & More!

December 7, 2016 by David Parry

Coffee, research, the gym, tennis, elderly care—that pretty much defines the entire cycle of life, and it also covers some of the highlights of our newest gallery of European deal toys.

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Restaurant-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Grupo Vips, the owner of restaurant brands like Ginos, is also the exclusive operator and developer of Starbucks in Spain—until 2030. There are currently 90 Starbucks stores in Spain (as well as 11 in Portugal).


Amma operates 30 residential and day care facilities for the elderly throughout Spain.

Syringe-themed deal tombstoneDanish medical products maker Ferrosan specializes in biomaterials for use in surgery. In collaboration with researchers at MIT, it pioneered a nanotech coating aimed at halting bleeding from battlefield wounds. One ingredient is tannic acid—the same molecule found in tea.


Health City operates gyms in nine Italian cities, including Rome, Milan, Turin, Bologna, Parma, Vicenza, and Padua.

Diploma-Themed Deal GiftGUS’s institutions serve 40,000 students worldwide, including campuses from London to Hanover, Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, and Singapore.


The third annual Collector Bank Norwegian Tennis Open finished up in Oslo last month.


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