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KKR Deal Tombstone with Bottle on Scale

Lucite deal tombstone with bottle on weight scale. The tombstone commemorates KKR’s acquisition of Industrial Physics, which manufactures testing and inspection equipment for the plastics, coatings, materials etc. used by manufacturers and laboratories in a number of sectors. (23AKL351)

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Astronaut-Themed Financial Tombstone

Crystal financial tombstone, playing off a moon-related deal code name, commemorating the sale of David Jones. The 185-year-old retailer has 43 stores across Australia and New Zealand. (23ALJ037)

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UL-KBW Crystal Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy marking the acquisition by UL of South Korean firm KBW. Based in Uiwang, KBW specializes in the testing of medical devices and consumer technology products. (21AKL206)

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Top view of crystal deal toy commemorating UL's acquisition of KBW.

Megaphone-Themed Financial Tombstone

Custom Lucite financial tombstone marking the sale of Helsinki-based digital auction platform The platform provides a market for machinery, equipment, cars, and other merchandise. (23LJW021)

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Side view of megaphone-themed deal toy recognizing the sale of Finland-based online auction platfpr,m

Envelope-Inspired Financial Tombstone

Lucite financial tombstone marking the emergence of The Paper Store from Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. The gift retailer is based in Acton, Massachusetts.

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Lucite tombstone celebrating the successful emergence from Chapter 11 reorganization of The Paper Store.

Food Delivery Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy celebrating the acquisition of Florida-based food delivery service Delivery Dudes.

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Back view of crystal deal toy marking the acquisition of Delivery Dudes. The Delray Beach-based company operates in over 50 cities, mostly in South Florida.

UK-US Flag-Themed Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy, incorporating the British and American flags, celebrating an acquisition by Screen Engine/ASI. The Los Angeles-based firm acquired London-based market research agency Tapestry.

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Lucite deal toy, featuring the flags of Great Britain and the United States, commemorating the acquisition of market research firm Tapestry by Los Angeles-based Screen Engine/ASI. Tapestry provides multi-platform campaign evaluation, market segmentation, and audience research.

Crystal Commemorative for Pharmaceutical Launch

Custom crystal commemorative celebrating the launch of Wynzora Cream, a topical treatment for plaque psoriasis that received approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2020. The product launch resulted from a collaboration agreement between Denmark-based MC2 Therapeutics, and EPI Health, a specialty pharmaceutical firm headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina.

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