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Custom Investment Banking Commemorative

Custom Award presented at Investment Banking Network at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. The program is sponsored by Lincoln International, a Chicago-based investment bank specializing in the middle market.

Job: 4ASS642

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Boerne School Bus Deal Toy

School-bus themed Lucite tombstone marking a transaction in the educational sector.

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G8 Education Lucite

Education-themed Lucite commemorating notes issued by G8 Education. G8 operates childcare centers in Singapore and Australia.

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Education-Professional Development Lucite

Deal tombstone marking the acquisition of the Institute for Professional Development (IPD) from Apollo Education Corporation.      

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Macquarie Education Deal Toy

Open book-themed deal tombstone marking transaction in the educational sector .

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Graduation Cap Deal Toy

Deal tombstone in the educational sector with apple and graduation cap theme.

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Plaza College Deal Toy

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Teachers Pay Teachers Lucite Tombstone

Job: 4ABC05N

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G8 Lucite Deal Cube

Lucite tombstone marking notes issued by Queensland-based G8 Education. G8 provides developmental and educational child care services through centers in Australia and Singapore.

Job: 274592L

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