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Plaza College Deal Toy

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Teachers Pay Teachers Lucite Tombstone

Job: 4ABC05N

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G8 Lucite Deal Cube

Lucite tombstone marking notes issued by Queensland-based G8 Education. G8 provides developmental and educational child care services through centers in Australia and Singapore.

Job: 274592L

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Custom Graduation Cap Lucite

Custom tombstone recognizing common stock issued by China Education Alliance. Based in the People’s Republic of China, the company operates a portal site providing a variety of education-related resources.

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Columbia Business School Custom Lucite

Custom Lucite award given at 2014 graduation ceremonies at the Columbia Business School.

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Stanford Custom Lucite

Custom Lucite award presented at the annual Peg Barnard Invitational, hosted by Stanford University.

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Cardinal Stritch Custom Lucite

Custom Lucite award recognizing service and leadership awarded by Cardinal Stritch University. The University is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Harvard Speaker Gift Recognition Product

Custom speaker gift provided at health industry conference sponsored by the Harvard Business School.

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University of California Berkley Rugby Team Lucite Captain’s Award

Captain’s Award, one of the Lucite awards given annually by the Cal Berkeley Rugby Team.

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