Category: Energy and Resources

Hardhat-Inspired Lucite Tombstone

Custom Lucite tombstone, incoporating a construction hardhat, celebrating the launch of Verdian Power. The independent power producer will focus on the design, construciton, and operation of renewable energy plants in Europe. (24LNL038)

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Custom Lucite deal toy commemorating the launch of European power provider Verdian. The company will focus on solar photovoltaic and wind power plants in Europe.

Lucite Cube with Embedded Limestone

Lucite cube celebrating the acquisition of a group of European lime businesses. (23LJW135)

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Side view of Lucite cube with embedded limestone Custom acrylic embedment with limestone.

Employee Safety Custom Crystal

Custom crystal commemorating 1 million LTI-free hours (Lost Time & Injury) at The Thunderbird Mineral Sands Project. The mining operation is located in western Australia. (23AKL501)

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California-Themed Mining Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy, incorporating the shape of California, commemorating the acquisition of Golden Queen Mining. Golden Queen, which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, operates the Soledad Mountain gold and silver mine north of Los Angeles. (23ALJ321)

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Hardhat-Themed Construction Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy, incorporating a harhat and a service van, commemorating the acquisition of TBD Technische Bau Dienstleistungen. Headquartered in Friedeburg, Northern Germany, TBD provides technical and construction services for critical infrastracture. (23LJW109)

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Side view of Lucite deal toy with hardhat and service van. Top view of hardhat and service van deal toy.

Custom Crystal for Solar Facility Opening

Custom crystal commemorating the ribbon-cutting and opening for Daggett Solar and Storage. The San Bernardino County, California site is one of the largest operating solar and storage hybrid facillities in the United States. (23AKL422)

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Green Bond Financial Tombstone

Front view of crystal financial tombstone commemorating green bonds issued for a Panamanian wind project.

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Top view of crystal financial tombstone, with a flat-back curve design, commemorating green bonds issued for the Toabré Wind Farm. The wind project is located in Panama. (23AKL411)

Solar Park Financial Tombstone

Crystal financial tombstone, incorporating a map and a solar panel, celebrating a partnership to develop 20 solar parks in Brazil. The sites will be located in Minas Gerais, in southeastern Brazil. (23LJW074)

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Side view of crystal deal tombstone commemorating a joint venture in Brazil. The partners were private equity adviser Appian Capital Advisory and Brazilian renewalble energy provider Dectronic. Back view of crystal financial tombstone marking a solar energy joint venture in Brazil.

Sustainability-Themed Hexagon Deal Toy

Hexagon-shaped wood deal toy celebrating a capital raise by New Zealand-based CarbonScape. The company has patented a process that uses wood chips to make bio-graphite for use in batteries as an alternative to lithium-ion. (23ALJ252)

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Side view of wood deal toy recognizing a capital raise for CarbonScape, which uses forestry by-products like wood chips to produce bio-graphite for use in batteries.