Category: Energy and Resources

Logo-Themed Fund Closing Crystal

Logo-themed custom crystal celebrating the closing of Tailwater Energy Fund III. The fund was raised by Tailwater Capital, a Dallas-based private equity firm focused on the energy sector.

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Logo-Themed Tombstone with Water Vial

Logo-themed Lucite tombstone, incorporating a vial of water, marking an acquisition by Kurita Water Systems.

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Green Bond Deal Toy (Back View)

Back view of deal toy marking green bonds issued by the Swiss canton on Geneva.

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Top view of deal toy recognizing green bonds issued by the Swiss canton of Geneva. Lucite tombstone commemorating green bonds issued by the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.

Mountain-Themed Custom Lucite

Mountain-themed custom Lucite marking the financial close of the expansion of a wind farm located in South Australia.

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Water Treatment Deal Toy

Custom deal toy marking the institutional placement of shares in water treatment firm Fluence.

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Tire-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Tire-themed Lucite tombstone marking the acquisition of tire shredding business CM Recycling Equipment Solutions.

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Gas Station-Themed Deal Toy

Gas station-themed deal toy marking the sale of Aisle 1 fuel stations in California and Nevada to Anabi Oil. The seller was Raley’s, which owns and operates grocery stores in northern California and Nevada.

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Custom deal toy marking the acquisition by Anabi Oil of Aisle 1 fuel stations. Anabi Oil is a fuel and convenience-store retailer operating in Northern California and Nevada.

Dump Truck-Themed Deal Tombstone

Custom deal tombstone marking a streaming service agreement between Nemaska Lithium of Quebec, and Mine Finance Group, a mining private equity group headquartered in the United States.

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Wastewater Treatment-Themed Deal Toy

Custom deal toy marking the acquisition of Texas-based wastewater treatment firm AUC Group.

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