Category: Energy and Resources

Gold Nugget-Themed Deal Tombstone

Gold nugget-themed deal tombstone recognizing a placement of ordinary share by Beadell Resources. The Australian firm operates a gold mine located in Brazil.

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Custom Oil Drop-Themed Deal Toy

Custom tombstone commemorating the sale of Oslo, Norway-based Fjords Processing, a provider of process support systems for gas, oil, and water.

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Water Tank-Themed Deal Toy

Water tank-themed deal toy marking a private placement by Select Energy Services. The company provides water and related services for the oil and gas industries.

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Oil Tanker-Themed Deal Tombstone

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Recapitalization Deal Tombstone

Lucite deal tombstone marking the recapitalization of the multinational energy group Areva.

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LNG Tanker-Themed Crystal Deal Toy

LNG tanker-themed crystal deal toy commemorating the sale of gas fields located offshore Western Australia. The fields were sold by BHP Billiton.

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Ethanol Plant Sale Tombstone

Lucite tombstone marking the sale of ethanol plants by Abengoa bioenergy plants. The purchaser was Omaha, Nebraska-based Green Plains.

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Mining Tombstone with Pewter Truck

Mining tombstone featuring an embedded pewter articulating truck. The Lucite piece marks a financing facility for Kazakhstan-based Kaz Minerals.

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Offshore Oil Rig-Themed Tombstone

Oil rig-themed tombstone celebrating the successful Chapter 11 reorganization of Venoco. The oil and gas exploration company is based in Denver.

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