Lucite Embedment

Few designs resonate more with recipients than ones incorporating an actual memento of the deal or event being commemorated. Embedments can range from drug vials to oil drops to product samples. Take a look at what’s possible.

Lucite Embedment with Genuine Oil Vials

Custom Lucite incorporating vials containing samples of actual Alaska North Shore oil.

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Power Restoration Commemorative with Embedded Wire

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Solar Cell Lucite Embedment

Custom Lucite, featuring an embedded solar cell, commemorating the acquisition of 51 photovoltaic solar farms in Poland.

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Back view of Lucite deal toy incorporating a solar cell. The deal toy commemorates the sale by Hanwha Q Cells of 51 photovoltaic farms in Poland.

Oil Barrel Lucite with Embedded Oil Drop

Lucite oil barrel design, with embedment of a oil drop, commemorating several landmarks achieved in the opening operation of the EPIC Crude Oil Pipeline.

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Custom Lucite celebrating several production milestones for the EPIC Crude Oil Pipeline, which operates from Orla, Texas to the port of Corpus Christi.

Lucite Achievement Award with Embedded Medallion

Lucite achievement award with embedded medallion.

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Custom Corporate Milestone Gift

Custom Lucite commemorating a corporate milestone achieved the Jellinbah Group. The company operates two coal mines located in Queensland, Australia.

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FDA Approval Commemorative with Embedded Drug Vial

Custom Lucite, with an embedded drug vial, celebrating FDA approval of Cosela. (20ADH005)

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LSU Women’s Basketball Championship Commemorative

Custom Lucite with embedded Coca-Cola bottle commemorating the 2023 NCAA women’s basketball national championship of the Louisiana State University (LSU). (23ADH001)

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