Puzzle & Modular Designs

Puzzle-themed and modular designs can offer an imaginative and practical way to celebrate a series of deals, or milestone events in a larger project or process.

Modular Wood Deal Toy

Modular wood deal toy commemorating a number of strategic and marketing initiatives undertaken by Texas-based industrial engineering frim Aperture.

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Wood deal tombstone with modular design celebrating strategic initiatives taken by Aperture, an industrial engineering firm.

Modular Wood Financial Tombstone

Wooden financial tombstone celebrating a series of strategic initiatives by Texas-based engineering firm Aperture.

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3-Transaction Puzzle Piece Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy commemorating Cooper Energy’s acquisition of the Orbost gas processing plant, and two related transactions. The deal also recognizes an equity raise, and a loan facility. (22AJH134)

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Puzzle-themed deal toy celebrating three related transactions in the Australian gas sector.

Puzzle-Themed Deal Toy

Custom deal toy commemorating a secured term loan for Saavi Energia, the largest privately held power generator in Mexico.

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Custom deal tombstone marking a term loan provided for Mexican power generator Saavi Energia. Puzzle-themed Lucite tombstone commemorating a term loan provided for Mexican power generator Saavi Energia.

Modular Financial Tombstone Design

Modular deal toy design commemorating notes issued by Japan-based Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

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Modular financial tombstone marking the issue of corporate notes by Toyota Tsusho.

Puzzle-Themed Franklin Templeton Deal Toy

Puzzle-themed deal toy marking the acquisition by Franklin Templeton of alternative investment manager Lexington Partners. (21AKL612)

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Back view of puzzle-themed crystal tombstone celebrating Franklin Templeton's acquisition of Lexington Partners.

Puzzle-Themed Lucite Team Award

Puzzle-theme award recognizing contributions to Google Cloud.

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Side view of puzzle-themed Lucite team award recognizing contributions to Google Cloud. (8ALJ532)

Puzzle-Themed Deal Tombstone

Puzzle-themed crystal deal toy celebrating the sale by Pittsburgh-based Koppers Holdings of a chemical plant in China.

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Crystal financial tombstone marking the sale of Koppers Carbon Chemical Company. KJCC is a tar distribution facility located in China.