In both Lucite and crystal, cut shapes extend the boundaries of possible features and designs. See how they can add both depth and detail to your deal toy or custom award.

Cut Shape Example

Venture Metals and Mill Rock Acquisition Versatile Processing Group

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Cybersecurity-Themed Deal Toy

Cybersecurity-themed deal toy, featuring a dragon brand mascot, and commemorating the acquisition of a stake in Bitdefender. The stake in the Romanian data protection firm was acquired by private equity firm Vitruvian Partners.

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Sports Right

Sports Right

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Farm-Themed Financial Tombstone

Crystal financial tombstone, incorporating a tractor and farm wind mill, marking an acquisition by Canadian fertilizer company Nutrien. Nutrien acquired Australian agricultural company Ruralco.

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Ferris Wheel-Themed Deal Toy

Custom Lucite deal toy marking the acquisition of Atracciones Coney Island, which operates indoor entertainment parks in Latin America.

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Lucite deal tombstone commemorating the acquisition by The Carlyle Group of Atracciones Coney Park. The company operates over 130 family entertainment centers in Peru, Chile, and Colombia.

Roller Coaster-Themed Custom Crystal

Roller coaster-themed custom crystal years-of-service award presented by Fixt. Baltimore-based Fixt provides on-demand set-up, repair, and replacement of devices.

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Owl-Themed Office “Spirit” Award

Owl-themed custom Lucite recognizing the “most spirited office”. (23ALJ194)

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Side view of owl-inspired Lucite spirit award.

Greek Renewable Energy Deal Toy

Wind turbine-themed crystal deal toy marking the sale of the renewable energy services (RES) business of Greece’s Ellaktor Construction Group. (23LNL059)

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Cloud-Shaped Deal Tombstone

Cloud-shaped deal tombstone marking the acquisition of Denmark-based Flexfone. The company provides cloud and telephony services to B2B customers. (23LJW060)

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Side view of cloud-shaped deal tombstone. Back view of cloud-shaped deal tombstone.