Looking for Inspired Deal Toy Ideas? Check Out These Amazing Product Replicas

April 7, 2015 by David Parry
sushi deal toy

As the gallery below illustrates, product replicas, almost by definition, can provide unique deal toy ideas—as well as those for valued custom corporate awards and gifts.

Mention “product replica” and most people start to wince.

After all, the term can bring to mind the forced hoopla of your last street fair or trade show—with human arms protruding from a 10-foot can of some obscure energy drink, positioned next to, say, a flapping, Yeti-sized inflatable French fry.

But at The Corporate Presence we’ve come to view product replicas somewhat differently. In fact, they’ve long formed the basis for some inspired deal toy ideas—as well as those for highly successful custom corporate awards and gifts.

Deal Toy Ideas That Resonate—and Not Just for Packaged Goods

A quick look at the gallery will show that there’s a range of replica types represented here: some replicate the product packaging, some the product itself—and even here you’ll notice that this can furnish deal toy ideas not only for packaged goods but for everything from mobile devices (for instance, the Prodata piece below) to power drills (the Stanley Black & Decker Lucite).

One clever variation of this deal toy idea involves the incorporation of the actual product in the design—something that has been done seamlessly with, for instance, the inclusion of a windshield wiper in the Trico piece designed for Sawaya Segalas.

Coke Custom Dealtoy
sushi deal toy

Choosing the Right Material

The obvious requirement in these designs is the duplication of the details of the particular product, or its packaging etc. The scale may vary slightly, but the details have to be recognizable—and most certainly if the gift is expected to pass muster with the recipients at the relevant company (who undoubtedly are the very ones most familiar with those details).

And knowing which medium might be most appropriate for the precise execution of your particular deal toy idea—whether it’s Lucite, resin, wood, crystal, or some combination of these—is essential. Our unrivaled experience in these media, and the fact that we have unfettered access to the expertise and experience of personnel at our wholly-owned factory, give us a considerable edge in keeping these replicas faithful to the originals.

Agfa Custom Deal Toy
Nomura Warner Turntable Deal Lucite, New York
Heinz Lucite Tombstone
Swordish Custom Deal Toy Lucite
PepsiCo Lucite Deal Toy
Trico Custom Deal Toy - Michigan
Lazard Revlon tube | Fashion and Cosmetics

We hope you enjoyed this gallery, and look forward to working with you on your next project—whatever the occasion or design. Give us a call today.

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